Fill Your Cup for Christ

A Spiritual Journey Sown & Grown Through Sports

What is it that motivates you?
What is your goal in this life?

How are you coping and making sense of the trials and difficulties that you are facing today or will face in the future? Are you searching for the truth or hiding from it?

Kramer Soderberg, college basketball coach and first time author, allows you the reader to join him on his personal spiritual quest while coaching, motivating, and pushing you to grow in your own relationship with Christ and reap all the wonderful spiritual gifts that God and his Church are offering you.

Most of us don’t realize we are in the midst of a battle and have no idea what the end goal of this life actually is. The majority of us have been misled by the lies of our culture, and all of us have asked the question, “How am I going to deal with this?” or made the statement, “I’m just not motivated at the moment.”

As a Church, as Christians, and as followers of Jesus Christ we so often forget, as we all desperately search and scramble for what we want and need in this life, that all those desires we are chasing can be found in the same place and are given by the same person.

Fill Your Cup for Christ takes you on the spiritual journey of an everyday sleepwalking cradle Catholic who was searching to get more out of his faith life. Kramer Soderberg—through stories, strategies, and some in-your-face coaching tactics—helps his readers grow in their relationship with Jesus, enhance their understanding of Catholic Church teaching, and igniting the desire to become the saint God is calling all of us all to be. Simple, genuine, and easy to read, Fill Your Cup for Christ is a life-changing book for Christians in all stages of life!

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I have fallen in love with this book. It is written extremely simply. You may think this book is written just for someone his [Kramer’s] age, or college kids. But it touch me in a very profound way. I read the book in 4 days! I was extremely impressed with his faith and his faith journey—how he has found Christ in his life and has been able to put him first and everything else behind that.

Deacon Jeff Prickette
Prince of Peace Catholic Community

Whether you are Spiritual, Christian, Catholic or, simply believe there’s a God, first time author Kramer Soderberg’s message will uplift your life. It’s a must read. Look for the subtle humor!

Holly Williams
Amazon Review

As a RCIA Catholic (converted 17 years ago) this book has given me a renewed spirit to recommit to returning more consistently to attending church and making a commitment to Christ where He is a part of all my priorities. Kramer’s ability to explain this process in a manner that is easily adapted gave me an energy I have lacked in my church attendance and involvement.

Daphne Ressel
Amazon Review

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Kramer Soderberg


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