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Fill Your Cup for Christ is the most genuine and inspiring personal story of faith I have come across in a very long time. I thank Kramer Soderberg for his heartfelt Christ-centered testimony. He understands and cogently explains that sports and even life itself is a meaningless journey if Christ is not at its very core.

Ray McKenna
President, Catholic Athletes for Christ

I have fallen in love with this book. It is written extremely simply. You may think this book is written just for someone his [Kramer’s] age, or college kids. But it touch me in a very profound way. I read the book in 4 days! I was extremely impressed with his faith and his faith journey—how he has found Christ in his life and has been able to put him first and everything else behind that.

Deacon Jeff Prickette
Prince of Peace Catholic Community

As a RCIA Catholic (converted 17 years ago) this book has given me a renewed spirit to recommit to returning more consistently to attending church and making a commitment to Christ where He is a part of all my priorities. Kramer’s ability to explain this process in a manner that is easily adapted gave me an energy I have lacked in my church attendance and involvement.

Daphne Ressel
Amazon Review

By sharing his faith journey through his book Fill Your Cup for Christ, his speaking, and his career as a coach, Kramer Soderberg invites us to connect more deeply with our own relationship with Jesus. The book is a powerful motivational tool not only for your spiritual life, but for all of the areas of life in which you’re seeking excellence! 

Lisa Hendey
Award Winning Author/Speaker
Author of
The Grace of Yes

Kramer shares his own faith journey with honesty and credibility. In a very approachable way youth, adults, honest seekers, and complacent Catholics will be energized to embrace in a new way or for the first time ever the exciting love affair with Christ which is our Catholic faith!

Fr. John M. Titus
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church – Mattoon IL

Whether you are Spiritual, Christian, Catholic or, simply believe there’s a God, first time author Kramer Soderberg’s message will uplift your life. It’s a must read. Look for the subtle humor!

Holly Williams
Amazon Review

Coach Kramer Soderberg has written a very readable book that will inspire those who may be questioning the Catholic faith to rekindle the flame of faith in their hearts. Fill Your Cup for Christ is basically a love story that convincingly expresses that the true reason for being a believer and practicing the faith is the realization that you are loved by God and seek to show your love for God in return with gratitude for the gifts of His creation. I highly recommend this book for young and old alike.

Bishop Paprocki

Speaking Testimonials

Whether it was giving a quick word of inspiration or a full message meant to guide the students to their purpose, Coach Soderberg has a unique ability to use his words to encourage and challenge his audience. He is a master of structuring his talks in a way that makes them relevant to a wide assortment of individuals and keeps his audience engaged throughout every sentence. Coach Soderberg always demonstrated his passion for sport and his love for Christ in a manner that was contagious for all. 

Korbin Farmer
Founder/Former President
Millikin University FCA
Author of
12 Stories

Kramer is one of the most passionate, faith-filled people I’ve met in my years as a campus minister. His enthusiastic love of Christ is inspiring, and his spiritual journey deeper into the Catholic faith can resonate with anyone.

Tom Prior
Campus Minister
Millikin University Newman Center

Coaching Testimonials

Kramer is a teacher, not just a coach. He taught me so much during our conversations about motion offense and pack-line defense, that I was able to bring back to our team and put into our practices as teaching cues. Kramer has a great basketball mind. I have been in coaching for over 30 years and I can tell you Kramer is going to make a great head coach.

Coach Steven Cochran
Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach
University of Illinois

Kramer Soderberg is one of the brightest young and upcoming coaches in our game today. It goes without saying, based upon his strong foundational base as a player and coach, that Kramer is well versed in his defensive philosophy and approach.  But, Coach Soderberg’s total grasp of offensive play and his ability to articulate the complex in a simplistic manner, are far and away beyond his years. For anyone wishing to advance his or her ability to teach man to man defense or motion offense, a visit with Coach Kramer Soderberg is an absolute must!

Coach Jim Boone
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
University of Arkansas Fort-Smith


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