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Kramer gives presentations on the following 6 themes and also takes requests on desired presentation themes.

1. Fill Your Cup for Christ

Based on the newly released book of the same title, this presentation takes you on a spiritual journey to pursue the one goal we should all desire to attain—Heaven! This inspiring in-your-face talk focuses on the expectations that God has for those who call themselves Christians. What is God calling you to do? How is God calling you to do it? Why does it matter?

2. Let’s Talk About Jesus

How well do you really know the one we call the Son of God? Before you can truly love someone you must work to learn all you can about that person. Dive deep into Scripture and come to know Jesus in a more deep and profound way. This presentation provides simple and practical steps for drawing closer to Jesus, becoming more aware of his presence in your life, and hopefully becoming a little more like him.

3. It’s Hard to be Great

This lively unique, and exciting presentation makes use of several stories, parables, and everyday images to help inspire you to become great in all aspects of your life—most especially your spiritual life. In this motivationally driven talk, be prepared to be coached, challenged, and pushed to start to become all that God is calling you to be.

4. Why Do We Suffer?

This emotionally honest seminar covers the age old questions that has been asked throughout all of human history—why does God allow us to suffer? Pain, despair, anguish, and heartbreak—what is its purpose? Sickness, disease, violence, and death—how can I deal with it? This conversation driven presentation dives deep into the difference between the world’s view and the Christian view of suffering.

5. The Relationship God has in Mind

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? If so, that is a wonderful thing! But, is that all God wants of you? To be a Christian, is more required than just a personal relationship? All these questions and more will be covered in this scripture based, relativism debunking presentation. Dive deep into what a “covenant relationship” really means, and find out why God desires more than anything to be in divine covenant with you.

6. Why I’m Catholic

This talk is a simple, yet profound, walk through Kramer Soderberg’s journey from a disinterested, unappreciative, sleep-walking cradle Catholic to a devoted and on fire lay member of the Church. You don’t need to be a priest or biblical scholar to understand and appreciate the divine truths of the Catholic faith. Includes common Catholic questions with simple and easy to understand explanations of why the fullness of the Christian life can only be found in the Catholic Church.

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